Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Pick Up Dog Waste On Streets And In Park

The Laurelhurst Blog regularly receives comments regarding neighbors not picking up after their dogs on the streets and in the  park.

Neighbors commented:

Please remember to only use the waste cans that are either yours or ones furnished by the City. The waste cans at the bus stops are not to be used for the disposal of  dog waste.  Notices have been placed on the Metro waste cans to not use them for pet waste.

Please dog owners, use your own garbage can to dispose of your pet's poo. I don't appreciate your calling card in my can.

Please be respectful and clean up after your dogs, especially in driveway approaches and sidewalks.  Watch if your dog stops instead of continuing to keep jogging or walking and pick up the waste.  
Recently in the park and on the streets around Laurelhurst Elementary there has been an increase in pet waste in the pedestrian areas.    
There seems to be an increase of dog owners not picking up waste in the neighborhood and also on the paths in the park.  We regularly pick up other dogs' feces each time we see it.  It is our expectation, and per Seattle City law, that dog owners pick up after their pets, no exceptions. 
Please be courteous and clean up after your pet. We have a great neighborhood to take walks and children to play.  Let's all do our part in keeping our neighborhood a pleasant environment for all of us. 
We have lived in this area for over three decades  and are noticing more and more that people are not scooping up after their dogs. We have stepped in it several times in the lawn in front of our house. Please pick up after your dog.  
Please pick up after your dogs, it is your YOUR responsibility, no one else's, Don't be lazy. It is hazardous, neglectful and not courteous.

Seattle Public Utilities reports on their website: 

We have more than 125,000 dogs and 60,000 outdoor cats in Seattle. That amounts to about 50,000 lbs of pet waste every day.
Left on streets, curb strips and in yards and parks, pet waste can be carried by rainwater to storm drains and into our creeks, lakes and Puget Sound without treatment. It is one of the leading causes of bacterial contamination in our streams and causes other water quality problems just like livestock manure and fertilizer. 
There are bacteria and micro-organisms in pet waste such as Roundworms, E. coli, and Giardia that can make people sick if they’re ingested. Some can last in your yard for as long as four years if not cleaned up.  
Children who play outside and adults who garden are at greatest risk of infection. If pet waste is washed into the storm drain it ends up in lakes, streams or marine water, and people can accidentally swallow bacteria and other disease-causing organisms while swimming or playing in the water. These bacteria also end up in shellfish, and can make the people who eat them very sick. 
Put pet waste in a plastic bag, seal it, and throw it in the garbage- not in the yard waste! There are also Mutt Mitt (pdf) dispensers located around the City. The next time you're out walking your pet, take advantage of this free resource to help keep our waterways clean. 
There are laws in Seattle to protect our health and our environment which require pet waste to be picked up and disposed of properly.
Here are applicable Seattle City laws relating to Offenses of Safety and Sanitation:

  • $109 Allowing accumulation of feces SMC 9.25.082 (A)
  • $54 Not removing feces from another’s property SMC 9.25.0822 (B)
  • $54 Not having equipment to remove feces  SMC 9.25.082 (C)
  • $54 In Parks: Failure to carry equipment for removing feces OR failure to place feces in appropriate receptacle. SMC 18.12.080 (C)

Go here for more information.

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