Friday, April 27, 2018

Laurelhurst Neighbor Recommends Nearby Shop

Laurelhurst resident, Lori, who works at Gracious Gardens, invites the neighbors to their Garden Party today at 10am. 

She wrote to the Blog Staff:

I would like to send out an invitation to Laurelhurst Blog to come to the Gracious Seattle garden party and open house.  Gracious is a unique small business, family owned and thriving in the shadow of big retail stores at University Village.  The vintage and custom home store  has been on Blakeley Street behind University Village for 8 years.   
Owner Tracy Reimers sets home vignettes and table scapes that inspire and offers custom pillows, upholstery and painting services to refresh family favorites or newly found treasures.   This little nearby shop is a place where people come to chat and purchase new items, or find the finishing touch.  
I have enjoyed seeing what Tracy came up with so much that I asked if I could come help her there a couple of afternoons a week!  Not only do I love helping set homes and gardens, I love that we are often reusing wonderfully handcrafted furniture that can celebrate a second lifetime and be part of another family's wonderful history.  

Tracy, the store owner said:

The Gracious Garden Party is an annual event where we offer vintage and refurnished outdoor items for people who are ready to turn their attentions to the outside, even if the weather isn’t yet cooperating.   
Gracious was started by myself, a nearby View Ridge resident.  A longtime lover of beautiful old things, I  was ready to share my  love of vintage home furnishings when I happened upon an empty storefront behind University Village.  Thanks to the wonderful support of our customers, who come primarily from the Laurelhurst, View Ridge, Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods, we are still here 8 years later.    
Gracious offers an alternative to big box stores, where our clients find unique pieces that help make a house a home.  Many of our clients enjoy entertaining, and we love to be a source for unusual pieces that help make their party and table special.   
We are staffed by wonderful and talented women who allow us to provide custom furniture painting, upholstery, pillows and cushions.  We also offer home consultations for a more personal experience.  We source our merchandise from many places including auctions, estate sales and buying trips from as far away as England.  Additionally, one of our favorite ways to find beautiful things is from our neighbors. Many people who are downsizing, readying their home for sale, or simply ready for a change bring their treasures to Gracious to find them a new home. c 
When you have a piece with great sentimental value, it’s nice to know that whoever finds it at Gracious will love it and use it.  We love being a small, local shop that is a resource to Seattle and a place where people come to find inspiration. 

Go here for more information.

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