Monday, March 26, 2018

Tonight Design Review Meeting On Another 6-Story Apartment Building Across From Safeway Parking Lot

Tonight at 8pm the Northeast Design Review Board is meeting to discuss the project #3030253  proposed at 4600 Union Bay Place NE, across from the Safeway back entrance and parking lot. 

Design Review Early Design Guidance meeting tonight is in the EDG--Early Design Guidance phase.

The information says:
Design Review Early Design Guidance for a 6-story, 98 unit apartment building with general retail sales and service. Parking for 42 vehicles provided. Existing buildings to be demolished. Project relies on a contract rezone.
The project consists of three parcels of which the existing buildings will be demolished on Union Bay Place NE: 1)4600 interior design company 2) 4550 - vacant lot currently filled with gravel and 3) 4554 - motorcycle repair shop

Very close to this proposed apartment building, two other large structures are underway in  the area behind Safeway on both sides of the street, with residential units with retail below.
Permit 3019495, contains "61 residential units above 2,250 sq. ft. of retail space in an environmentally critical area. Parking for 115 vehicles to be provided at and below grade. Existing structures to be demolished."
The 5-story structure is just off the corner of Sand Point Way and NE 45th Street, next to Lake View Medical and Dental at 4516 Union Bay Place NE.  Union Bay Plaza Parking and Union Bay Garage were demolished for the new structure, which sit directly across the street from the Federal Express store.
Permit 3022244, the second structure states to "adjust the boundary between three parcels of land resulting in two parcels of land (4540; B) 4516 Union Bay Place). Proposed parcel sizes are: A)20,145sf; B)26,157sf. Existing structures on proposed parcel B to be demolished; existing structure to remain on proposed parcel A."

The second apartment complex, at 4609 Union Bay Place NE, between Safeway and the Bowman Building,  Permit 3020320, is much larger. 
The Land Use application describes it as "a six-story structure containing 20,600 sq. ft. of commercial space with 244 residential units above. Parking for 68 vehicles to be provided below grade. Existing structures to be demolished."
This "Early Design Guidance" Document shows specific details of this project and the developer states about this project :

The proposed project is a 5 story mixed-use building with residential units, parking and commercial space that will replace an above ground parking structure near University Village.  The new structure will continue to provide parking for the businesses on the two adjacent properties. 
The site is bounded by the Burke Gilman Trail to the North and will provide increased housing density. The project site is in the middle of a city block. The building is comprised of 3 wood frame levels over a 2 story, semi below grade, concrete podium.  
The main entrance will be clearly identifiable and located with frontage on Union Bay Place.  There will be commercial space along the street on the first level and residential units along the second and then parking behind.  On the third story there will be a courtyard that will have a mixture of private patios and shared outdoor space.  Levels three to five will be residential.
For more information about the meeting tonight go here.

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