Friday, March 23, 2018

Laurelhurst Park Baseball Field Renovations, Including New Bleachers, Almost Complete

concrete being installed for bleachers

aluminum bleachers
being installed yesterday

Laurelhurst baseball playfields have been getting a makeover the last few weeks, in preparation for the Little League baseball season. 

Concrete was poured last week and bleachers were installed yesterday.  And over the last few weeks there have been improvements to the infield.

Magic Toyota, located in Edmonds, has funded the improvements as part of their "Building Stronger Communities, One Field at a Time” project, along with other corporate partners including Foushee Construction, Dunn Lumber and Root Sports, for the various hard costs.

Total costs for the Laurelhurst playfield upgrades are about $35000, according to Peter Chung, General Manager/Vice President of Magic Toyota.

He said that upgrades should be finished by the end of the month. 

On Sunday morning, Magic Toyota employee volunteers will be working on the fields, including spreading by hand six pallets of infield conditioner.

Peter said about the project:

Magic Toyota has been involved in a 10 year program to repair/build Little League baseball fields in our local area.  The campaign has been in the planning stages since 2016 with the State Congress and will last until 2026.  Because all funding and insurance coverage is coming from Magic Toyota and Partners there is no financial approval necessary. 
The partnership came through an introduction from State Representative, Eric Pettigrew, through the head of Parks for the City of Seattle. Eric and I have had many conversations on how Magic Toyota could help our community and the City of Seattle.

Peter said that Laurelhurst playfield was chosen out of about six locations that were presented by the various local Little Leagues based off of field need and location.   

Seattle Parks and Recreation told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff that Magic Toyota has committed to improving eight additional fields in the Puget Sound area. Last year, Magic Toyota completed one of the fields for Alderwood Little League.

He added "For obvious reasons we are focusing on locations within Magic Toyota’s primary market area (South Snohomish Co/North King Co) as our business is located in Edmonds.  Magic has many customers as well as employees that live and are involved in Little Leagues in our area."

Peter said that the Laurelhurst project has been in planning since May of 2017.  

Laurelhurst Fields North and South were selected for North East Seattle Little League (NESLL).  

"The upgrades were determined by multiple conversations with NESLL  board members and the City of Seattle Parks Department," Peter told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff.

Seattle Parks added the upgrades are decided upon based on field conditions, funding amount, and environmental impact.

The renovations at Laurelhurst playfields include the spectator areas (bleachers and pads underneath them, etc) and infield base and top covering specifically:
  • removing and replacing bleacher areas with slab concrete or crushed rock (determined by the City Arborist, so no impact to the surrounding trees)
  • replacing wood bleachers with two sets (four total) of ADA Aluminum bleachers
  • tilling infield surface and top dressing with Turface baseball field dressing (should soften the playing surface for the kids as to reduce injuries)
Peter said that "recognition of Magic’s support will be in the form of simple placards by the City of Seattle and NESLL at their choosing but not required."

He added that all of the grand unveiling of the fields is via Root Sports and Mariners broadcast and the "local unveiling is up to the local Little League organizations to do at their choosing."
Peter said the intent of Magic Toyota providing upgrades to the various little league fields is:
  • "to build stronger communities though youth sports.  Youth sports gives families and neighbors a reason to come together.   While taking time out of their day to day lives, to enjoy spending time with each other. 
  • to give back to our communities by creating safe playing environments to promote families and neighbors to spend time together though youth sports
  • by giving back to our communities supporting  “Family Time”  we are building stronger communities as well as loyal customers"

Wes Henrie, NESLL Board Member, thanked Magic Toyota via email, saying:
Thanks so much for working with your partners and spearheading the improvements at Laurelhurst Park fields 1 & 2.  The old wood bleachers were rotting and in need of replacement.  Thanks again and the NESLL community appreciates the collaboration on this.

Magic Toyota is also involved with the University of Washington's Pups and Parents Program, which "subsides the costs of Sporting event tickets so parents can share/expose these experiences with their children," as well as Crossfire Soccer, one of the Nation’s top Youth Soccer programs, Peter said.

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