Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tonight Disaster Skills Presentation At Laurelhurst Community Center

John Temple, is a new Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) member who has started the Laurelhurst Earthquake Action Preparedness (LEAP) effort for neighbors to learn how to prepare households in the case of a large earthquake, when it hits what to do, how to get help, how to help others and how to get the neighborhood ready.

Tonight from 6-8pm, he has organized a class called "Disaster Skills: Basic AID using household items" at the Laurelhurst Community Center with a representative from the City's Office of Emergency Management.

Tonight's presentation will provide an overview of the hazards that can impact the city and  steps to take to become more prepared to deal with them.

"This includes guidance on how to develop a disaster plan, build a disaster supply kit, and organize with your neighbors to become better prepared. The presentation also provides an overview of other OEM efforts including the SNAP program, Community Emergency Hubs, and the City's new alert and notification system, Alert Seattle," the City website says.

John says about LEAP:

LEAP is run by your neighborhood volunteers and we are working towards emergency communications, first responders, setting up triage areas, gathering places, community hubs and so much more.  Everyone needs to understand how to organize their own household and where to help and get help when the big one hits. Learn your Cluster number and Cluster Captain for your 20 households.

The LCC newsletter in June published this information (published in part here) about John:

Meet Your New LCC Trustee, John Temple
My first involvement in working with LCC was an email to LCC President, Jeannie Hale, asking what the community was doing about earthquake preparedness. I then attended an LCC Board meeting earlier this year to suggest that LCC reinvigorate preparedness planning. My desire is to be on the Board to promote Laurelhurst Earthquake Action Preparedness (LEAP). I also will learn about other issues concerning Laurelhurst and try to contribute in all concerns, holding comments pending my knowledge.  

Second to LEAP, I have strong compassion about the LCC newsletter. I believe it is the face to LCC. I believe it has been and is an important component to keeping Laurelhurst the great community it is.  
My wife and I moved into her Laurelhurst childhood home in 1992 to care for her aging parents. We both love this neighborhood. My compassion for maintaining Laurelhurst as a great community for raising children comes from my wife’s stories about growing up in Laurelhurst.   
Increasing community involvement is a key to our neighborhood’s success on many fronts. Neighbors helping neighbors. I will focus on  that in all projects that I work on.

And a recent LCC newsletter article said:

LEAP Offers Basic Disaster Skills Courses
As the light changes and fall approaches, your LEAP (Laurelhurst Earthquake Action Preparedness) neighbors suggest it’s time for back-to school classes. LEAP is setting up general safety information courses for adults in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. Knowledge gained is usable in many challenges and in the case of a major disaster. The first course is an important one called Disaster Skills: Basic Aid. You will learn how to care for and respond to injuries after a major disaster when 9-1-1 is overwhelmed or unavailable. It could be an earthquake or a terrible snow event. This session provides practice on how to recognize and treat life-threatening conditions using household items as first aid materials. The class does not meet requirements for any certification. Future class opportunities being considered are: using a fire extinguisher, creating a disaster kit for home and pet, retrofitting your home, and the science of earthquakes. Feel free to express any ideas you have to your LEAP team at We live in an earthquake prone area of the country. Experts are saying that we are overdue for the big one. It is not whether we will have a huge earthquake disaster, it is when. Disasters don’t plan ahead, but Laurelhurst can. That  is why your neighbors are putting together these classes. When it happens, we want you to be prepared and know how to get help if you happen to be one of the unlucky ones. Or, give help after your family is safe.

For more information and to RSVP to tonight's event email RSVP to

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