Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Woman Breaks Into Nearby Laurelhurst Condominiums, Opens Resident's Mail And Activates Credit Card

Above is a picture of a women who broke into the Laurelhurst Condominiums (4545 Sand Point Way) on the morning of August 9th.

Mike, President of the Laurelhurst Condominiums Owners Association, sent the Laurelhurst Blog this information about the incident and also warns the neighborhood that this individual could be casing the neighborhood:
On August 9th, at 6:41am, the female suspect was seen on our security cameras entering the property at the rear of our property.   
Around 6am, the suspect attempted to follow a relative of one of our owners into the building.  The relative told the person that she couldn’t let her into the building and that she would need to contact the person she is visiting via the intercom for access.   
The female suspect was seen on camera attempting to break into the key boxes at the rear entrance.  You could see her on the video pulling small tools from her top.  She did manage to break open one of the key boxes but fortunately it is and older key box that isn’t used any longer so it was empty.   
At 7:45am, she was seen leaving the back of the building in the rear parking area.  
At 7:48am, the female suspect is seen walking to the front entrance,.  She checks the doors to see if they are locked.  She is then seen checking out a real-estate key box that was mounted by the front entrance. She then walked into the east carport.  She tries the door there then disappears out of view from the cameras.    
At 7:52am, she is seen on camera coming out of the elevator and walking around the for about a minute, she is then seen entering the lobby restroom.   
At 9:09am, she leaves the lobby restroom and proceeds to walk out the front door heading west.    
When we checked the lobby restroom, we found in the garbage can, a UPS overnight envelope that was empty. It was originally delivered on August 8th to the front door of one of our units.  She was in the lobby restroom with the door locked for an hour, we believe she tried and it appears successfully activating the new credit card that she took from the envelope 
The owner of the unit where the envelope was delivered too had been out of town prior to the envelope being delivered.  When we were able to contact the owner we were told that the envelope contained a new credit card and that it was used to make $1000.00 in purchases at the University Village on the.   
Unfortunately we can only guess how she got into the building.  In our carports there is an exit only doorway from that leads from the stair tower into the carport.  She must have entered the building from that door, how we don’t know.  
She was on the property for almost 2.5 hours.  Other than the female suspect no one else was seen so we believe she acted alone.  

We wanted to share the picture of her because we are certain she is probably working in the neighborhood, and would like people to be on the lookout for her. If she is wandering around the neighborhood she is most likely up to no good.


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