Wednesday, July 12, 2017

SR520 Meeting Tonight About New Montlake And Lake Washington Boulevard Exits Starting Monday And Bridge Closure This Week-End

Today at 5:30pm, WSDOT is holding its monthly SR520 update meeting at the Graham Visitors Center in the Arboretum.

The focus of the meeting will be on the upcoming traffic shift to new westbound SR 520 off-ramps to Montlake and Lake Washington Boulevard.  The public will have the opportunity to ask WSDOT engineers questions and hear a presentation on the new off-ramp configuration

On Monday, when the new westbound SR 520 off-ramps open, drivers will exit at the west end of the floating bridge, about one mile earlier and further east than currently.

SR520 will be closed from Friday 11pm to Monday 5am to shift traffic onto the new off-ramps. 

WSDOT told the Laurelhurst Blog: 

During the westbound SR 520 closure, we anticipate that the contractor will work around the clock to prepare the off-ramps for traffic. Neighbors living near the MOHAI staging area may hear noise from pavers, rollers, excavators, and dump trucks as crews align the new off-ramps and demolish the last portion of the old Lake Washington off-ramp.  
While the loudest activities have been scheduled for daytime hours, crews have a lot of work to complete during this 54-hour closure and will be operating under a temporary noise variance from the city of Seattle.  Crews will also use the closure to remove old columns, add signs, adjust lighting and install plants.

Here is additional information:

Banner Image

New westbound SR 520 off-ramps coming soon to Montlake  

On for Monday, July 17, we’ll open the newly aligned,
permanent off-ramps to Montlake and Lake Washington
boulevards after a weekend westbound SR 520 closure. 
Not only will it be the first time drivers will travel on part
of the new bridge structure, but they will also enter a new
exit lane which starts near the west end of the floating bridge.

This is the first of three major project milestones scheduled
for 2017 – the mainline is scheduled to open in late August
and the bicycle/pedestrian path later this fall.

Check out this video and see below for more details about
how the new ramps will be different, and about the weekend
westbound SR 520 closure prior to the new ramps opening.

Map of new westbound SR 520 exit lane and off-ramps
Off-Ramps Map (jpg)
Click for larger image.
Map of new westbound SR 520 exit lane and off-ramps 
Off-Ramps Map (jpg)
Click for larger image.

For questions email or call the 24-hour
construction hotline at 206-708-4657.

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