Monday, July 24, 2017

Explore Neighborhood’s Hidden Gems

This information was included in a recent Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) newsletter:

Explore Our Neighborhood’s Hidden Gems

Laurelhurst enjoys several public shoreline properties – six street ends, with two of those wrapped in state waterways, and one stand-alone state waterway.  
There are also several stairways hidden around the ‘hood that will hike the heart rate. These areas afford stunning views of the Olympic Mountains, Lake Washington, the Cascades, Mount Rainier, the top of the Space Needle, Union Bay, Husky Stadium, and more.  Check out the variety of birds, count turtles sunning on logs, or launch a kayak.  
Start exploring with some of the following:  
Waterway No. 1, NE 35th Street and 43rd Avenue NE  
Waterway No. 2, NE 41st St. 
Yesler Swamp area
NE 42nd Street stairs  
NE 43rd Street. end; stairs and lake access (huge sequoia)  
51st Avenue NE street end (Beach Club area)  
NE 31st Street end; lake access from both the east and west ends  
NE 32nd Street end; lake access n NE 33rd St. end; viewpoint from street with lake access below n Belvoir Park lake access; 42nd Avenue NE near Surber Drive NE  
The Laurelcrest stairs near the Beach Club: about 100 steps. 
Stairs at 55th Avenue NE and NE 43rd Street.  
Stairs between NE 45th Street and 54th Avenue NE

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