Thursday, June 1, 2017

Former Laurelhurst Elementary Students, Home From College, Start Car Detailing Summer Business

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Two former Laurelhurst Elementary students, Dane Rogerson, and his childhood friend and fellow Laurelhurst resident Joe Klemencic, now college students,  are offering car washes services through August 10th. 

The service, which includes, exterior, interior, vacuuming, leather conditioning, tire and rim shining, window washing, and hand drying, is $100 for a sedan and $150 for an SUV, Suburban or minivan.

Dane told the Laurelhurst Blog:
We have decided to start a full affordable, high-quality car wash and auto-detailing service over the summer. After returning home from our first year away at college, and looking for a helpful way to work in the community, we took notice to the fact that many families pay upwards of $200 to have their vehicles professionally cleaned. Our price of $100 for a car, and $150 for an SUV, suburban, or minivan seems both reasonable (at 25-50+% lower) and advantageous for our customers  We see this trend as an opportunity to do meaningful work in our neighborhood that we grew up in and love.   
We come to our customers and it is expected that they will have a source of running water for our use. Beyond water however, we will provide all materials including a vacuum, soap, carpet and leather conditioner, window cleaner, tire shiner, and wax.    
Joe and I have spent our entire lives in Laurelhurst. We both attended Laurelhurst Elementary School, and went on to University Prep and Roosevelt High School. Today Joe attends Occidental College in Los Angeles, while I go to Johns Hopkins University.  
We came up with this idea while eating dinner with a group of parents who live in the neighborhood. Many of them exchanged stories of having to pay over $300 to have their vehicles fully detailed. Knowing from experience what cars can look like after driving carpool for a groups of kids, we saw an opportunity to offer a service of comparable quality at a generous discount.  We are very much a neighborhood business looking forward to working in the community this summer.

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