Thursday, May 4, 2017

New Routers At Top Of Some City Light Poles Replacing Electrical Meters

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff received several inquiries about a new rectangular box at the top of some City light poles.

One neighbor asked about one in particular on the south side of NE 38th Street, between 47th Avenue NE and 46th Avenue NE, The neighbor said it looked to be connected to the light and had an antenna.

The Laurelhurst Blog contacted Seattle City Light who said the box is a router, also called a relay, in the communications network for the Advanced Metering system being installed.

The information on the City Light website says:

Advanced meters are the new meter standard for City Light’s service territory.  In October 2016, City Light started the installation of advanced meters on new residential and small commercial construction projects under normal business operations. The majority of residential and commercial customers will begin receiving new meters in the summer of 2017. This is an incremental approach, with benefits realized` once the entire system is installed by 2019.  

Customers who do not wish to receive the benefits of an advanced meter can choose to opt out. To learn more visit the opt-out page here.

Seattle City Light is the nation's greenest utility. We are committed to providing

our customers with industry-leading service and reliability while empowering them to make energy-saving choices. As part of this commitment, we will begin replacing electric meters with advanced meters in 2017. 
Advanced Metering is a building block for a more efficient electric system, often called the smart grid. It will provide many benefits to customers and greatly improve operational efficiencies within City Light including:

  • Empower customers to make energy-saving choices
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce environmental impact

For more information about the router go here.

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