Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Neighbor Starts Childrens YouTube Channel Featuring Franklin, The Puppet

Fun with Franklin's profile photo

Matt Siderius, who has lived in Laurelhurst since 2011, and works at the Hospital, started a YouTube channel for kids called "Fun with Franklin". 

He told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff:

One of the things I enjoy doing is entertaining kids. So I decided to try sharing that on YouTube. My and my puppet named Franklin make videos that we hope kids will enjoy watching.   
I bought Franklin because I know kids like puppets and thought it would help make my videos more fun.  Its always fun entertaining kids of friends and family, so I thought it might be fun to try a Youtube channel so I could entertain other kids as well.
We have Story-time, Vlogs, Challenges and Kid Activities. I'm also open to other suggestions for kids videos. 
Please check out my channel and if you like it subscribe.  I'm not doing this for money, it's a passion of mine. 
I post my videos on YouTube, but you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook to watch the videos there.  I also post fun pictures of Franklin on Instagram.

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