Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Encourage Pesticide-free Garden Practices

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) posted this information in one of their newsletters:

Encourage Pesticide-free Garden Practices

LCC supports efforts to educate neighbors about gardening without pesticides and using safer alternatives to promote a healthy environment.

Why not use pesticides? The devastating effects of pesticides can include neuro-toxics, endocrine disruption, sensitizers/irritants leading to allergies, and cancer. They’ve also been linked to Parkinson’s. Pesticides are tracked into our homes and also drain into the soil and contaminate streams and lakes (think, Beach Club) where they affect humans, environment, and sea life. If you use a spraying company, insist on an organic, safe solution.

Refrain from  using toxic pesticides and instead opt for safer lawn and garden alternatives. Contact Washington Toxics Coalition (WTC) at 632-1545, for a wealth of information on products and pest control.

Visit King County’s website or contact the Natural Lawn and Garden Hotline weekdays at 633-0224.  
Let’s work together to reduce the use of toxic pesticides, and keep Laurelhurst beautiful and safe. 

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