Thursday, April 20, 2017

Home Break-In Near St. Stephens Church Using Garage Door Opener

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:
We live on the 4500 block of 48th Avenue NE (our driveway faces St. Stephen’s Church, the front door of the house is on 48th Avenue NE ) and on the evening of April 9th/morning of April 10th while we were home asleep, someone rummaged through my husband’s car, found the garage door clicker and used it to open the garage.  
The person entered our home through the door in the garage, and stole our son’s back pack.  We found the back pack ditched near our neighbor’s garbage. One binder is missing.
We did file a police report but because the value of stolen property is less than a threshold amount, no investigation will be made.   
We pay for the private patrol services through Laurelhurst Community Club.

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