Monday, April 24, 2017

Environmental Class With Union Bay Master Birder Wednesday At Center For Urban Horticulture

UW Botanic Gardens’ Center for Urban Horticulture (3501 NE 41st Street) is having a free class called Green Lessons from the Past, Green Action for the Future with local master birder,  Connie Sidles, on Wednesday from 7-8:30pm and the cost is $15.  

The information says:

Society recently released an oral history book written and produced by Constance Sidles: "Caring for Birds & Nature: 100 Years of Seattle Audubon." This is not really a book about the past, however.  
It is a book to inspire all environmentalists today and in the future. In it are the stories of environmental warriors, teachers, volunteers, and ordinary people who cared about nature and did something to preserve it.  
We owe our parks and open spaces to them, and they have much to teach us about how to pass their legacy forward. Come and listen to Connie as she reads excerpts from this book and leads a discussion about how they did it - and how we can, too.
Instructor Constance Sidles is a master birder, former board member of Seattle Audubon Society, co-chair of Seattle Audubon's Urban Nature Work Group, and an award-winning nature author.

Register online or by phone at  206-685-8033.

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