Thursday, April 27, 2017

City's Tree ambassador Training On Saturday

Katie Beaver, Trees for Seattle Project Manager, with the City of Seattle, would like to share that Trees for Seattle is accepting applications for new volunteer Tree Ambassadors, who serve as local neighborhood advocates for urban trees, help care for and protect Seattle’s trees and trained to lead projects "that inspire residents to appreciate and care for Seattle’s urban forest."

Katie added "We don't yet have a Laurelhurst Tree Walk and we think it’s time!"

Overview training is on Saturday from 1:30 – 4:30pm in Phinney Ridge.

Two projects are available :

Tree WalksTree Walks are fun community events that engage residents with the trees surrounding them. Tree Ambassadors develop tours to highlight interesting trees in their neighborhoods and lead their walk as a public event. We introduce Tree Ambassadors to tree identification and teach volunteers skills in map making and organizing community events. After the training, staff will assist Tree Ambassadors in identifying good routes, mapping trees on that route, writing accompanying text, and putting together a public event.

Tree StewardshipTree Stewardship projects engage volunteers in caring for public landscapes. Volunteers adopt an available site and organize work parties to weed, mulch, and care for the beautiful public trees that make our neighborhoods greener and healthier.  We teach Tree Ambassadors basic landscaping and site design skills, how to identify and remove aggressive weeds, and how to plan safe and fun events. Staff help volunteers develop a plan, secure supplies, and hold successful community work parties. 

Volunteers need to attend the overview training and at least one project training:
Tree Walk Training: Saturday, May 6th 1pm – 4pm in Rainier Beach
Tree Stewardship Training: Saturday, May 13th 1pm – 5pm in Interbay

The Tree Ambassador program empowers residents to become stewards of the urban forest and serve as resources for their local community. Tree Ambassadors are trained in the basics of urban forestry and community organizing. Tree Ambassadors work in teams to develop neighborhood projects such as tree walks, invasive species removal workdays, and/or tree plantings.

Currently 23 percent of Seattle is covered with tree canopy. The City has a goal to reach 30 percent canopy cover by 2037. The 2011 Tree Ambassador cohort cared for 113 street trees in Capitol Hill, developed a Tree Walk around Greenlake, produced brochures on conifers and ivy, staffed tables at many local neighborhood events, and more.

The Tree Ambassador is a project of the
Green Seattle Partnership, a collaboration between the City of Seattle and Forterra. Program work is funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry program.

Go here for more information, email or call (206) 615-1668. 


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