Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tomorrow SR520 Update Meeting On Montlake Phase And Traffic Impacts

The Laurelhurst Community Club (LCC) would like to encourage neighbors to attend the SR520 monthly update meeting tomorrow at 5:30pm; this one focusing on the Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan (NTMP) and traffic impacts with the upcoming Montlake Phase interchange.

It will be held at Saint Demetrios Hall (2100 Boyer Avenue East).  

LCC said:
This meeting is important for understanding and giving input for the traffic impacts that will happen when the Montlake Interchange is torn up in the next phase of the SR520 re-build.   
We, in Laurelhurst, are heavily impacted as our geography almost turns us into an island, so I strongly encourage all users whether going to the Eastside, Downtown Seattle, or simply crossing through to attend this meeting.

The information says:
The City of Seattle will also share information on  the 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements Phase 3, future RapidRide lines and other Seattle neighborhood transportation projects. 
At 5:45pm, there will be a short presentation focused on the NTMP followed by time for questions and answers with WSDOT and SDOT as a full group and one-on-one.  
The draft report and a link to a short online survey is posted on the SR 520 Montlake Phase web page.   
The comment period runs from today through April 4.  Comments will be accepted through the online survey, email, mail, or in-person at tomorrow night's meeting.

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