Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Art Exhibit At Magnuson Park Gallery

Robert Horton- 
Miles Davis. (Cloak n Dagger)
acrylic on paper

A Laurelhurst Blog reader sent in this information about a new installation on view through April 29th at nearby  Magnuson Park:

I would like to share our latest exhibit at the Magnuson Park GalleryWe hope the neighborhood will visit this wonderful new installation right in our community.  
Also please join us for an Artist Reception on Saturday from 1-4 p.m. and a 1st Thursday Art Evening (which includes music and taco truck), Thursday, April 6th from 5- 8 p.m. All are welcome! 

Magnuson Park Gallery Presents: Truth B Told Ltd. 
A selection of works from the Onyx Collective as recently exhibited at King Street Station.
This vibrant exhibit is an offshoot of the recent acclaimed exhibit  in Seattle's King Street Station which featured 150 works from the artists of the Onyx Fine Art Collective.  This more intimate exhibit combines 18 of Seattle's most accomplished African American Artists of various mediums - painting, as well as sculpture. 
Artists include: Ashby Reed, Bonnie Hopper, Carlton Holmes, Clifford Crawford, Earline Alston, Earnest Thomas, Esther Ervin, Jasmine Brown, Jay Taylor, Kyle Melendez-Daigre, Lisa Brown, Olivia Davis, Omar Wiley, Rachel Williams, Rahal Adamu, Robert Horton, Tracy Poindexter-Canton and Zorn Taylor

For more information go here.


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