Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Telephone Poles Removed For About $10k

A Laurelhurst Blog reader sent in this information:

On East Laurelhurst Drive, one of the last remaining telephone poles comes down, with a total of four Seattle City Light trucks and crew.    
There were a few families who did not want to pay for the underground neighborhood wiring (south of NE 45th, East of the UW Urban Horticulture Center, to the lake) back in the day. I think there's maybe one more left in the neighborhood.   
A new family is moving into this house on East Laurelhurst Drive and wanted it removed. It's costing them about $10k to do it. Wiring has been disconnected, now waiting for SCL to return and remove the pole.  Hopefully that takes less than a year to occur.

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Robert Opsvik said...

..."back in the day"!...1968ish. Dad didn't want to pay, big surprise, mom vetoed that...saved someone $10K! Robert Opsvik(g) 3505 n.e. 33rd, former Harley House at the Crest of Webster Point.