Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Videos Of Car Prowlers In Separate Incidents

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information of two separate incidents in the neighborhood:

Here is a recent video of a car prowler on the 4800 block of NE 43rd Street.  The man enters into the video twice at the beginning and is in our car about 7 minutes before getting out at the nine minute mark on the video.   He then used the cars garage door opener to open the garage door, which set off the house alarm, scaring him off. He ends up fleeing as our garage door opened and startled him, apparently.  It is really hard to clearly get a good picture of the individual.  Make sure to watch it till the end where he runs away.  
Here is a video of a car break in front of my house  on the 4100 block of Surber Drive this summer. Perhaps someone will recognize this young person.  All the items taken from the car were tossed into a neighbor’s yard and recovered.  He did not enter the garage since the house alarm was sounding.  He knew my camera was on and thought he was out of range when he walks over to the car.  Be patient as it takes a minute for the prowler to appear on screen.  The car was unlocked. Thankfully the alarm horn was directly above the car and sent him running when it went off.

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