Friday, October 28, 2016

Neighbors Report Homeless Man Near Beach Club And Tent Near Bus Stop

Several neighbors have reported a homeless person who has been camping at the Beach Club entrance.

Neighbors commented: 

We have seen a homeless man with a shopping cart headed down hill towards beach club.
The homeless man was around the Beach Club today, 10/19, and he ended up camping/sleeping near the entry gate.  Several neighbors called the police. 
The homeless man has been hanging out near the bench close to the Beach Club entrance. He seemed a bit agitated and was looking up the hill watching any activity.  
There was a man with a knit hat and grocery store cart that we noticed was camping near the Beach Club last week. 
When we called the police about the homeless individual, they mentioned that notifying the Laurelhurst Blog,  neighborhood watch groups and of course, 911, will help keep our neighborhood safe.  
It is not legal to sleep in our neighborhood unless you own or rent a home or may be invited by a resident or renter.  
On 10/22, I saw a homeless man pushing a grocery cart west on NE 41st Street and the corner of 50th Avenue NE. It seemed from his belongings he had camped in the neighborhood somewhere.  
We saw a homeless man pushing his grocery cart down Surber Drive to the lake front lot at the end of the block. He passed right by me with a blank stare and continued. 
We have heard that the homeless man has been reported more than once this month by nearby neighbors. Police have come and he leaves for day or so.

A neighbor also commented about a tent near the bus stop saying:

Do the additional police we pay extra monitor these areas? I saw a tent near the bus stop by Children's Hospital last weekend and was surprised to see that on their property.



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