Friday, October 14, 2016

More Recent Car Break-Ins And Prowlers Try To Use Garage Door Opener To Access Home

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information from neighbors:
On 10/8, sometime after midnight someone broke into our car on NE 43rd Street at 37th Avenue NE. Nothing was taken, but all our paperwork, car registration, etc. was all strewn about. The most concerning part is that the garage door opener was in our car.  Be sure to always lock your car, even when parked in your driveway. 

Our car was broken into on Friday night. This car prowl thing is getting obnoxious.  
Our car on NE 41st Street was broken into.  I think it's really unfortunate that the patrol isn't working and would love to have it improved. 
On Friday evening, 10/7 a prowler went through my unlocked car, parked in an ally between 42nd and 43rd Avenues NE, removing everything from the glove compartment and center console are and leaving all my papers nicely in a stack on the passenger seat. The prowler, unfortunately, stole my garage door opener off the car visor and tried to open my garage door down, which also serves as a remote for activating all the lights  inside my house. We were awakened by the lights going on and off inside the house and attempts made to open the garage door. The following day I found the remote light switch in a nearby neighbor’s yard. 
We live on 38th Avenue NE and my husbands car has been broken into for the fourth time. The most recent time was on Monday, 10/10, between midnight and 2am.  This time they took tools and a little bag that had lose change.  

On Monday, 10/10, we found a yoga block in our driveway on NE 43rd Street near 37th Avenue NE. One of our cars I left unlocked evidently. My guess is they dropped the yoga block taken from another car.  The yoga block has since been claimed by a neighbor.  They took the cables to charge our cell phones, seem to have looked at a tool to break the window in an emergency but didn't use it on our other car. 

Unfortunately, it seems our neighborhood is a target for this activity. We have motion detector lights and live on a busier neighborhood street, yet my car was rifled through as well when I accidentally left it unlocked overnight. Obviously, remembering to lock our cars is key.  But, we also have a private security patrol in our neighborhood that is seemingly doing nothing to help. Can we work with them to step up patrols? I wrote to the person that Laurelhurst Community Club Board Member who manages the Patrol, asking how we can help improve it and did not receive a positive response.  Basically he said that he helped provide pictures of recent burglars to the police and that was it. Seems like a major waste of time/money/resources that so many people are paying for with the expectation that it is protecting us when in reality it's not.  
Our locked car has been broken into twice in the last few months. Where is the security patrol that we are paying for? Why aren't they reacting to car prowl calls? Instead, it seems they mostly "remove people from the park" or "secure window" as is documented in some of the Blog's crime reports. Isn't there a way for the Patrol to be more effective and provide more value in our neighborhood?

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