Friday, October 21, 2016

Many Car Prowls Reported Last Week

The Laurelhurst Blog received information of multiple car prowls on October 15 and 17, many in the same area of the neighborhood.

Here is information from neighbors:

On 10/15, a car on NE 44th Street was broken into. The prowlers smashed the driver's side window and grabbed many items. It seems this area is a frequent location for ProRobics gym members to park.
On 10/15 around 6:30am, we awoke to our car alarm going off in the 4300 block of 54th Avenue NE.  The prowlers smashed the back passenger-side window but didn't get anything though. An SUV drove off quickly  northbound when we looked out. We called the Police who  took a report. Security patrol did not respond. Obviously storing stuff in cars is not ideal. And alarmed and locked cars aren't enough security. We are installing security cameras at our home and facing the street.  If anyone has security camera pics of an SUV driving north of our house on 54th Ave NE at 6:40am, please  notify  North Precinct Patrol, Officer Jason Anderson (8329), 206-684-0850, Incident# 16-373406.

On 10/15 on the 
4700 block of 48th Avenue NE about 5 cars were prowled on my block and around the corner were broken into at night. The door of my car was open when I went out in the morning.  Everything had been rifled through. The thieves may have been startled as they left a Bluetooth speaker behind and many iPhone/iPod cords. I have reported this information to the police.  I'm assuming I forgot to lock my car since it doesn't appear to have been broken into.  Seems any time I forget to lock my car it gets rifled through. It has happened at least 5 times since we moved here 6 years ago.
Our car was broken into on 10/15 on the 4700 block of 48th Avenue NE, and all the contents were all over the car. They left behind a cigarette lighter, as someone also commented was left in their car.  
On 10/17, my car was prowled on NE 42nd Street near Laurelhurst Park.  The glove box, center console and all compartments were rifled through and they took my sunglasses.  We intentionally leave nothing of significant value in the car.  I may have forgotten to lock our car . Lock your doors daily and don't leave valuables in your car. 
My car was rifled on 10/17 on NE 43rd just east of Laurelhurst Park. Nothing was taken, but left a mess in the car.  We don't leave anything of value, especially garage openers, as we have been hit before.   
My car was prowled last night, 10/17 . I always lock the door and never leave valuables. They didn't take anything.  
We live on NE 54th and 48th Avenue NE and on 10/17 someone also went through our glove compartment and left our things all over our seats. It doesn't appear as if anything was taken.  
Our car was broken into sometime during the night of October 17th on the 4200 block of 50th Avenue NE. The doors were absolutely locked and it was parked under a street light in front of our house.  We did not hear any alarm.  There was nothing of any value in our car and I don’t think anything was taken although all the compartments were rifled through. We reported the incident to the police.

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