Friday, September 30, 2016

Rude Solicitor Selling Magazines And Police Advice On Handling Solicitors

The Laurelhurst Blog has received many concerning emails about a recent magazine salesman, that is very rude, who has been seen in the neighborhood and also in Bryant.

A resident who lives on the 4700 block of 46th Avenue NE, kitty-corner from the Laurelhurst Elementary School playground, said:

On September 25, I had a solicitor come to my door selling magazines. I was especially offended  when he started off with a "don't shoot me" joke which I didn't find the least bit funny.   We found it also offensive his blatant ignoring of our "No Solicitor" sign posted.  I still listened to him for a few minutes. He would not leave when I politely asked him to. I asked for his card and he refused saying that the receipt  would be his card. He was very rude and continued to yell when I finally got firm with him.

Other residents in the same area said:

This solicitor always wears the same outfit - white shirt, black baggy pants and black jacket. He rang my doorbell to say he was here to install a refrigerator. He's not to be trusted.  
This man approached our house with a very angry demeanor and unfortunately we had our door open as we were unloading the car so we had to interact with him. He asked to talk to the head of the house, who we said wasn't home and he said to go get someone else. We politely declined and he threw up his arms and yelled an obscenity as he was leaving. 

Seattle Police advise residents to not open their doors to solicitors, but to say "No thank you" or "Not interested" through the door

And if you do open the door, check to see that the solicitor is displaying proper identification, mandatory in Seattle, showing the residential sales identification which number, seller’s photograph, along with the name of the licensee as well as the agent, and the type of product or service being sold. This must be easily viewable.  If the solicitor becomes angry, threatening or verbally abusive, call 911, the SPD website says.

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