Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Response From Police About Homeless Man, Andrei, And More Recent Sightings

Andrei Peter Strejac

The Laurelhurst Blog recently posted about a homeless man, Andrei Peter Strejac, seen frequently walking around Laurelhurst and other nearby neighborhoods over the last many months.

The Blog staff forwarded the post to the NE Seattle Police North Precinct Officers, of whom Officer Decker responded saying:

Mr. Strejac to my knowledge is not in custody and is free to walk the streets.   
There are many mentally ill people, often homeless, in the city, as you know.
All calls for service are prioritized often  based on imminent threat to the general public.  I can not speak to the 2 hour wait but I can tell you there continues to staffing shortages at the Seattle Police Department.

That being said, most incidents referred to us involving Mr. Strejac are thoroughly documented and, if warranted, referred to the prosecutor for consideration of charges.  I am including at least one Crisis Intervention Officer with this email.  I will follow up with him for his thoughts regarding this individual and your ongoing concerns.   
I encourage you to remain vigilant when Mr. Strejac is near.

Laurelhurst Blog readers also received these comments following the recent post:

Sounds like this guy needs mental health assistance rather than jail. Too bad we have so few facilities which offer that help.
I am writing in response to the Laurelhurst Blog post about Andrei. I live in Laurelhurst, am a female runner who loves my morning runs.  After reading the Blog post, I am now afraid to continue my routine of running in the morning.  I have seen this Andrei around Laurelhurst and surrounding neighborhoods for several months (not on my runs, but later in the day when in my car) but never knew that he was a threatening and aggressive person.  I guess I don't understand why he is being allowed to cruise around freely. If he has been threatening, aggressive and intimidating and we are supposed to call 911 when we see him, why is he being allowed to camp in the park and be around our neighborhood.
I do not want to live in fear. I have been an early morning runner in Seattle for 20 years and NOW I am afraid and am planning to skip my morning run tomorrow. 
Living close to Laurelhurst Park we have seen him a lot over the last few months in the park and walking up and down 47th Avenue NE  Recently, he has been  sitting at the bus stop next to Nathan Hale High School at 35th Avenue NE and NE 110th Street several times.  
We have seen this man several times since spring on 47th Avenue NE between the Park and Sand Point Way, in front of Marlai Restaurant on NE 45th Street,  etc. He had a menacing quality about him and was wearing mid winter clothes in the very warm weather.

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