Thursday, September 15, 2016

Neighbor Seeking Information In Car Involved In Hit and Run On 44th Avenue NE

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:
I would like to share information about a hit and run that happened at approximately 3:00am in the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 13th, on 44th Avenue NE,  between the blocks of NE 41st Street and NE 38th Streets.  
The impact happened with significant force, damaging our silver Acura MDX in the front corner driver's side, leaving our car un-drivable.   
Debris from the other car was left behind, including possibly be part of a side mirror and shards of glass, plastic from probably the headlight, large chunks of what seems to be the front quarter panel or bumper area (white) and some chunks of black. 
Two neighbors heard the accident and went outside.  By the time they got outside the other car was gone.  
One neighbor moved the debris to the sidewalk.  I have since put the debris in the back of the car. 
We ask neighbors to be on the lookout for a white car with significant damage to the front driver's side. A police report has been made.  
If you see a damaged white car please take note of the license plate and email 

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