Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yesler Board Walk Complete

Friends of Yesler Swamp reported this information:

A Washington Conservation Corps crew has been hard at work building a boardwalk in Yesler Swamp over the last three years. Last month, they completed their work on the project.

This final phase of construction started back in February, and now that it is complete we are thrilled to offer this beautiful and accessible trail to the public. Come by and take a stroll through this peaceful summer oasis.

Washington Conservation Corp (WCC) finishes Yesler Swamp boardwalk!

Six members of the WCC returned for their Swan Song as a team for this last two week effort on the Yesler swamp boardwalk.

2016-06-22 10.47.00
The boardwalk was completed today June 22nd 2016, a construction process that started before April 15th 2014.

Junior, the foreman:
2016-06-22 10.38.08
“Junior” Joseph Fulmaono has been the dedicated crew supervisor from the 2014 start, now proudly displaying the Yesler Swamp T shirt and equally proud of his work and for good reason!
He left this message:
“After 3 crews, 3 phases we made it to the end of the line…..official completed. Have a nice day folks.”
And he took this photo of his crew: 2016-06-22 14.44.05

The whole crew was smiling today!
2016-06-22 10.39.05  2016-06-22 10.38.21 2016-06-22 10.35.332016-06-22 10.38.55

And even though the boardwalk is now finished, the boardwalk will miss Junior and his WCC crews. 2016-06-22 15.55.01
Thanks! Please come back and visit!

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