Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Resident Reports Second Hit And Run And Seeking Information On Driver

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:
It is the second time within a year that someone has flown around the corner at 49th Avenue NE and NE 50th Streets, heading down hill, hitting one of our parked cars in front of our home because they took the corner too fast and too wide.
Between 9:30-10pm Thursday, June 23rd, a car rear ended our Toyota minivan, so much so that they clearly needed to backup and drive off knowingly, and left without knocking on our door or leaving a note. Our next door neighbors heard a noise  but the car was gone by the time they went outside to look. 
If you, your family member or someone you know, has damage on the front right side of your car from Thursday night, please do the right thing and come forward to take responsibility for your actions. We not only have to be without a car for several days, but also need to pay a big deductible for their lack of consciousness. We are neighbors, please do the right thing. 
Email laurelhurstblogger@gmail.com, with any information about this accident. 
Thank you, and please slow down out there.

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