Friday, April 22, 2016

Unlocked Car Rifled Through On Boulevard

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

We live at 43rd Avenue NE and NE 43rd Street.  I left my car unlocked on the Boulevard last night, April 21, and someone pulled all of the contents out of my center console and glove box out and dumped on my car seat.   
It's clear they were specifically looking for unlocked cars. My wife's car was parked right next to mine with quite a lot of items in plain view, but the car was locked and untouched.  There was nothing of interest in plain view in my car, but unlocked so they rifled through it. 
Lesson, of course, keep the car locked. I'm too casual about this. Someone must have been just checking for unlocked cars.   
Very frustrating. This act yielded a grand total of probably $3 in loose change from my center console. That is pretty silly stuff to risk getting caught.

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AF said...

We live on the 3800 block of 44th Ave NE and my husband's car was broken into (it was locked) and change was taken on Wednesday night as well. I also saw a number of other people in Laurelhurst and Windermere report car break ins on Wednesday night/Thursday morning through Nextdoor Laurelhurst. I'm curious about the neighborhood security patrol that we pay for and how it plans to help curtain what seems to be an increasing incidence of these events.