Monday, April 4, 2016

Mysterious Small House Boat Shows Up And Parks Near The Yesler Swamp Lagoon Thursday Through Sunday


Neighbors living near the Yesler Swamp Lagoon emailed the Laurelhurst Blog Staff on Friday, April 1, saying:

There is a new neighbor in the Yesler swamp Lagoon which arrived yesterday, Thursday.   
Neighbors have asked the Seattle Harbor Police to visit the boat but we have heard that they have not had time.

On Sunday neighbors said the house boat had been moored in the small alcove for three nights. The boat is in violation of Harbor Patrol policy of mooring in Union Bay, which is not allowed. And Seattle Harbor Policy also dictates no more than 72 hour moorage. 

Neighbors wrote yesterday at noon:

We have been in communication with Harbor Patrol several times this morning and we also went down and spoke to the individual on the houseboat.   She said  that she planned to leave this afternoon if she does not we will follow up again with Harbor Patrol.
Harbor Patrol has also been able to locate the individual and call her and advise her that they would move her out if she doesn't move on her own.

The Blog Staff learned that the house boat finally left yesterday afternoon.


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