Monday, March 14, 2016

Tonight Learn About New Bus Route And Light Rail, Buy Your ORCA Card And Also Hear About Upcoming Repairs To Tennis Court

Don't miss the Metro/Link Light Rail "ORCA To GO" van which will be at the Laurelhurst Community Center tonight from 6:30-7:30pm tonight.

At 7pm Metro will give  a detailed presentation of the new Route #78 bus connection to the new Light Rail Stadium Station. Light Rail begins service on Saturday and Route 78 starts service on March 26.

At the van, neighbors can buy an ORCA card, including senior and youth cards with proof of age, or also reload cards. Transfers between buses and Link are free with the use of an ORCA card.

At the general LCC meeting, Metro will answer a series of questions LCC has asked them to prepare for, then they will take questions from neighbors service, bus stops. Metro will demonstrate "how to" use the bus and Light Rail, where the stops are located, discuss prices, how to pay, etc.

"Bring the whole family  to learn about the new transit options!" LCC told the Blog Staff.

Long-time neighborhood route 25, will be deleted due to low ridership. Route #78 will be a much shorter route, running about every 30-40 minutes from 6am to 6pm to the UW (Montlake) light rail station.  

The route will go as far as the Children's turn-around on NE 45th, goes down NE 45 Street to the University Village, through the UW Campus, along Pacific Street and onto Montlake Boulevard to the front door of the Light Rail station. 

Then back into the neighborhood via Mary Gates Way, up NE 41st Street  to 42nd Avenue NE, left onto 42 Avenue NE, same as the current route, then right on NE 45 Street and back up to the Children's turnaround.

At 7:30pm the Seattle Parks and Recreation will give an overview of the upcoming Laurelhurst Tennis Court drainage Improvement project, which involves the replacement of the Laurelhurst drainage system installed in the early 1900s, which are in poor condition and require an upgrade.

The goal of the project is to improve drainage of the tennis court and bang board courts, to reduce flooding and to reduce ongoing maintenance needs.

The southern tennis courts will close this spring for construction. The courts are scheduled to open in time for Summer Tennis Camp in late June.

Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with the contractor to minimize impacts to the neighborhood and park.

Here is the full agenda:
Transit Update:  Deanna Martin, Metro

Tennis Courts Drainage Renovation:  Karen O’Connor, Seattle Parks and Recreation Department: 
· Calls/Concerns from Neighbors
· Minutes
· Treasurer’s Report

Traffic/Pedestrian Safety

Crime Prevention

SR 520—Upcoming Grand Opening

CUCAC Report

Proposed FLUM Upzone near Children's Hospital

Talaris Update



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