Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Young Driver Seen Speeding And Texting Near Laurelhurst Elementary School

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff received this email from a parent that lives near Laurelhurst Elementary and often see teens speeding and/or texting while driving through the School zone.

The parent would like to remind other parents to talk to their young drivers about safe driving. 

The parent wrote: 
On Saturday, February 20, at 9:45am, a male teenager driving a maroon Honda CRV (license plate AJA4168) was speeding and texting while driving through the intersection of 47th Avenue NE and NE 47th Street and past the School and gym.  
I stopped him and reminded him that he was in a School zone and the speed limit is 20 MPH when children are present - even on week-ends when there’s a lot of gym and playground use.   
I also scolded him for texting while driving in hopes that he’ll be more careful when he’s driving through the neighborhood in the future.

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