Thursday, February 11, 2016

Give Input On Distracted Driver Legislation Sponsored By 46th District Representative

A Laurelhurst Blog reader sent in this information regarding the Distracted Driver Legislation, sponsored by a 46th District Representative, who represents the Seattle neighborhoods of Greenwood, Northgate, Lake City and Laurelhurst in King County:
46th District State Representative Jesslyn Farrell is sponsoring House Bill 2574 which would update the current law prohibiting texting while driving and talking while holding a phone to your ear.   
The bill is intended to update state law with current technology by prohibiting updating Twitter, sending work emails, or Instagramming while driving.  Specifically, the bill would extend the personal wireless communication device-related activities subject to a traffic infraction to include a person driving while holding a personal wireless communications device in his or her hands or using a personal wireless communications device to read or manually enter data.  
The bill had a public hearing on January 27 and is scheduled for a vote soon.  
To express your support or opposition to the bill, call the free legislative hotline at 1-800-562-6000 
For more information, contact For more information, contact Phillip Duggan at or go to Also contact State Representative Farrell at

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