Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Final SR520 Concept designs For ‘Rest of the West’ Online

SDOT recently published this information about the ‘Rest of the West’ portion of SR520 stretching from I-5 to Lake Washington:


Montlake design

The final conceptual designs for SR 520’s planned improvements from I-5 to Lake Washington are now posted on our website. The “West Side Final Concept Design Report,” developed by WSDOT in collaboration with the city of Seattle, also includes a summary of public comments on the designs. 
Following legislative passage of the Connecting Washington transportation-funding package in 2015, the SR 520 program is now fully funded for construction. That means WSDOT is moving ahead to build planned SR 520 improvements in Seattle, including a new Portage Bay Bridge, two community-connecting highway lids, and new bike and pedestrian connections.  
Construction for the “Rest of the West” will take place in phases. We’ll share the latest design and pre-construction information as the project moves forward.

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