Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Laurelhurst Owners Of JM Cellars Have WIne Featured At Nearby Jak's Grill

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Sign at Jak's Grill in Laurelhurst

Long time Laurelhurst residents, John and Peggy Bigelow, currently have their premium rated JM Cellars wines featured at Jak's Grill (3701 NE 45th Street) through the holidays.

Peggy has lived in Laurelhurst for the last 50 years and she and her husband, John, have raised their three sons, Jack, Tom and Joe, who all attended Laurelhurst Elementary, Eckstein and Roosevelt in Peggy's childhood ome since 1994.

The Bigelows told the Blog staff that have "clocked many hours at the Beach Club."

They added that "most of our closest friends to this day are those we met as class parents or on the bench watching our kids play sports.  We feel lucky to have lived in a close-knit neighborhood such as Laurelhurst.  It's very village-like."  

John said that they started JM Cellars in 1998 in the basement of their Laurelhurst home.

He says:
The idea came about as I wanted a new way of life.  I was traveling for work and felt a pull to be closer to my wife and children.  I also wanted to produce a tangible product that I could share with family and friends.  
Our neighbors helped us crush and bottle our wine in 1998 and 1999.  In 2000 I moved to Walla Walla for harvest to make our  wine and we finally settled JM at our recently purchased property called "Bramble Bump" in Woodinville in 2001.

The Bigelows host at their winery, the annual  Five for Five campaign, which is comprised of a group of Laurelhurst Elementary School parents and grandparents who commit to donating $500 for a total of 5 years, at their winery in Woodinville.

The wine will be featured at Jak's through the holidays and the Bigelows added "Delighted to be the featured Laurelhurst Winemaker."

For more information about JM Cellars go here.

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