Friday, December 11, 2015

Is China Village Permanently Closed?

Several months ago a sign appeared on the door of nearby China Village (3224 NE 45th Street) saying "We are temporarily closed.  Sorry for any inconvenience."

The Laurelhurst Blog staff has received many inquiries asking about what is going on including these comments:
I was wondering if you know anything about China Village restaurant? It has been closed for about a month and the note on the door just says, temporarily closed.  Hoping they are coming back.
Fo you have any info or have you considered a post about the temporary closure of China Village?  Wondering when it might reopen. 

Yelp shows that the restaurant is closed saying "Yelpers report that this location has been closed."

A Yel reviewer wrote on November 4th:  "I think they closed out of the blue which makes me so sad!  I've been driving by and calling for a few months, no one is ever there."

The Laurelhurst Blog Staff has reached out to the restaurant and has not heard back.

Please send email to if you have any information.

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