Monday, December 7, 2015

Car Chase Goes Through Laurelhurst Yesterday


Yesterday about 2pm many people reported seeing several police cars going at a high rate of speed westbound on NE 45th Street about 2pm. Many people from Seattle Community Church were watching the cars shooting by trying to catch a carjacker.

One person wrote to the Blog:
We were at the Laurelhurst Park and heard so many sirens that never stopped, kept getting louder and closer so we made our way back home crossing over NE 45th. Just as we got to NE 45th and 46th Avenue NE we saw a police car with a woman patrol office racing down the street going extremely fast.

Another email received said:
We were on  NE 45th street yesterday around 1:40pm just leaving Laurelhurst and we witnessed a high speed police chase go up the wrong side of the hill. What was going on? 

Here is information about the car chase that ended up near the NE branch of the Seattle Public Library: Carjacking suspect killed in ‘barrage’ of gunfire after wild police chase through Seattle.

(photo courtesy of Seattle Times)

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