Tuesday, November 10, 2015

UW Botanic Garden's November Plant Profile:

Each month the UW Botanic Gardens' Newsletter, E-Flora, posts in detail about a specific plant, among many other interesting posts about events and general information.

This month's featured plant is Poet's Laurel.  Here is the posting:


November Plant Profile: Danae racemosa

Danae racemosa, also known as Poet's Laurel, is a rare jewel that brightens the November garden. In the right shade, its fine, arching, bamboo-like mass of lush green foliage shines all year. Take a closer peak at the “foliage” and you might notice something odd. The leaves are actually just flattened stems called phylloclades.
Danae is closely related to Ruscus which also uses phylloclades rather than leaves. While the foliage of both Danae and Ruscus is quite long lasting even when cut, the fruit set of bright orange-to-red berries of Danae tends to be much more impressive than Ruscus, mostly because Ruscus requires both a male and female plant to be present, while Danae does not. Learn more.
Name: Danae racemosa
Family: Asparagaceae (prev. Ruscaceae, Liliaceae)
Common Name: Alexandrian Laurel, Poet’s Laurel
Location: Witt Winter Garden, Washington Park Arboretum
Origin: Turkey, Iran
Height and Spread: 3’x4’

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