Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lengthy Boat Trailer Parking Not Allowed On City Streets

boat and trailer parking on
4300 block of 43rd Avenue NE

The Laurelhurst Blog has received several emails about boat trailers parking on City streets in the neighborhood.

A large boat trailer without a boat has been parked at the Beach Club since July and intermittently leaves then returns.

Another boat and trailer has been parked for several weeks on the 4300 block of 43rd Avenue NE.   Several reports have been filed with the City Parking Enforcement providing a description and location.

One resident commented about the long-time boat parking:.
Interestingly enough the owners have covered the license plate. Come on neighbors, we live in a beautiful neighborhood so lets obey the rules and keep it that way.

City code states about boat parking:
No vehicle wider than 80” can be parked legally on the street between midnight and 6am. If a boat/trailer is less than 80” wide, it can be parked on the street providing the trailer is hitched to a vehicle. The 72-hour rule applies – meaning that the boat and vehicle must be moved every 72-hours.   

To report abandoned vehicles or a car that has been parked for more than 72 hours, please go here.

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