Monday, November 30, 2015

Carollers In The Neighborhood Last Night

The Laurelhurst Blog received this email from a resident on 44th Avenue NE:

A Star in Laurelhurst

In case you want a warm and fuzzy story...
Did anyone else hear caroling last night? Neighbors on 44th Avenue NE started the season together on Sunday, November 29,  with an annual tree lighting ceremony.  
Those in attendance ranged from 1 year old to 95 years old and included neighbors and friends who have lived on this street for as many as 40 years and as few as 2!   
All gathered in front of the tree, on this very chilly night, and sang festive songs together using flashlights to see the song lyric cards. One young caroler, Caroline Becker, age 8, had this to say "It is a very happy tradition even though it is very cold and the singing doesn't sound perfect. I like how all the neighbors are together." 
If you look up you will surely see the star. The hosts of the ceremony and homeowners, Jon and Jane Hongladaram have even had far-away neighbors seek them out, ring their doorbell, only to compliment the large star beautifully lit at this time of year.  
The story goes that Jane grew up with a large tree in her yard which her father decorated with a star that she describes as basically an old umbrella with lots and lots of string lights. A few years ago, Jon surprised Jane on their 30th Wedding Anniversary by having the large star installed on the top of their front yard tree.  
We love celebrating all the wonders of the season in this simple, timeless style. So, as you begin to notice other holiday decorations around the neighborhood, don't forget to look up! For, a Star shines in Laurelhurst!

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