Thursday, November 19, 2015

Attempted Burglary At NE 45th Street And 52nd Avenue NE

The Laurelhurst Blog staff received this information:

We live on the 4500 block of 52nd Avenue NE on the corner, and there was a burglary attempt on November 17th sometime between 3:40 and 5:15pm.  I had been home all day and left the house at 3:40pm 
I am almost certain the thieves were observing our home. It appeared that they wedged a crowbar in-between the door jam and pushed their body weight to try to pry it open.   
They damaged the exterior and interior of the frame and they also tried to pry open the face of the deadbolt.  Fortunately our alarm went off and scared them away. 

Yesterday at 4pm as I was talking to our postal carrier, and I noticed a 5' 8" blonde woman with a cream knit cap, in her late 20s walking up West Laurel Drive and turn north on 52nd Avenue NE into the dead end.  
I watched her walk down one side of the street looking at the homes on both sides. She was wearing semi high-heeled booties, not very practical for someone taking a walk.  
On her return out of the dead end I asked her if she was lost.  She answered back in a European accent, “I am just looking.”  I followed her back to where she came from and saw that she got into a small black car that looked like a Prius. 

Additionally, on the day of the attempted burglary and shortly after I had left my home around 3:40pm, our neighbor's assistant watched a man in front of our house pacing back and forth, looking around.  He was around 6 feet tall, white male, blonde hair, in his 20's, grey hoodie and baggy work pant.
Both people  are suspicious and definitely not neighbors.  I have been in this house for 12 years and in the neighborhood for 26 years and know a lot of the people in my community.  
The woman was definitely not lost and the man on Tuesday, November 17th, was pretty obvious to the assistant that he was up to no good.  
We called the Police and filed a report.

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Carly Craft said...

This is upsetting news to say the least. Especially that the brazen thieves committed their crime in the day light, late afternoon, when children and families in our neighborhood are arriving home from school and work. This is a good reminder that crime can take place anywhere and we need to be vigilant in keeping doors and windows locked at all times and quickly questioning and/or reporting an suspicious activity.