Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Apply Now To Fill Open Positions On Children's Hospital Standing Advisory Committee

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is seeking interested people from the Laurelhurst, Montlake, and Ravenna/Bryant neighborhoods to fill 4-8 vacant positions on the City appointed Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) to advise on development plans for Seattle Children’s Hospital as outlined in the Children’s Hospital Major Institution Master Plan  approved in 2010.

Applications are due by November 9th.

The SAC is made up of 15 members and about 4 alternates.
The information says: 
The Children’s Hospital Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) meets to:
1.         Review an annual report from Children’s Hospital on its development;
2.         Review and comment on progress under its transportation management plan;
3.         Review requests for amendments to Children’s Hospital’s master plan, and make recommendations for next steps;
4.         Provide comments on projects under development.
The committee meets at least annually and up to four times per year at Children’s Hospital. You would serve a one-year renewable term. Members of the Committee should possess expertise or experience in areas such as: neighborhood organization and issues; land use and zoning; architecture or landscape architecture; economic development; building development; or educational services. The committee is composed of 15 representatives, including a non-management representative from Children’s Hospital, from the following categories:
1.         A representative of an area community group or council.
2.         A resident who is within 600 feet of the campus boundary.
3.         A neighborhood resident defined as a resident within the boundaries of the adjacent community council areas.
4.         A property owner.
5.         A business person.
6.         A consumer group using the services of the institution.
7.         A person participating in neighborhood planning.
8.         A general community or citywide representative.
Maureen Sheehan from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods who replaced long-serving DON staffer, Steve Sheppard after his recent retirement, told the Laurelhurst Blog staff that there have been many long-time volunteer members, and some have chosen not to participate or have moved out of the area and the City is looking to back fill those vacant positions.
Todd Johnson, Children's Hospital Vice President, Facilities and Supply Chain, told the Blog staff:

The Seattle Children’s Hospital Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) has many long-standing members.  Most of them have been on the committee since we began our work on the Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP) back in the mid-2000’s.   
The committee members represent the communities around the hospital, and the community at large, as we developed and now monitor a major institution master plan that anticipates and responds to the hospital’s growth needs over the next 20+ years.   
It was hard work and, even after the MIMP was approved in 2010, many of the committee members have continued to serve on the SAC.   
It’s a natural thing that people are now moving on.  We thank Richard Arthur, Doug Hanafin, John Pieroth, and Robert Rosencrantz for their service to the community and the hospital.  They have each made the decision to depart the committee.   
The other members remain, although we’re still awaiting responses from two more people, both of them alternates.   
We are not seeking to increase the size of the committee.  15 members are required, and it is always good to have alternates, which is why the Department of Neighborhoods news release seeks four to eight volunteers.
Continuing SAC members are:
Karen Wolf
Catherine Hennings
Myriam Muller
Dolores Prichard
Kim Dales
Dr. Gina Trask
Wendy Paul
Josephine Pompey
Bob Lucas
Theresa Doherty
Shelley Hartnett
Judith Nelson

To apply to be on the committee,  send a letter of interest by either e-mail or regular mail by November 9 to or send regular mail to:
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

P.O. Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649
For more information contact Maureen Sheehan, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, at 206-684-0302.

On December 7th there will be a SAC meeting, starting at 6pm  in the Ocean Café at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  The public is invited to attend.    

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