Thursday, October 22, 2015

Villa Academy To Install Synthetic Turf


Villa Academy is in the process of replacing the existing natural grass with artificial turf.

Permit 3019368 states:
Land Use Application to allow 5,100 cu.yds. of grading in an environmentally critical area. Project includes removal and replacement of the existing grass field with synthetic surface field and install retaining walls with other site improvements

John K. Milroy, Head of Villa School told the Laurelhurst Blog Staff:
You may have noticed two large signs posted recently near Villa Academy’s entrances – one near the main school entrance on 50th Street - the other near the entrance to our preschool on 49th Avenue.   
These signs are being posted in accordance with a land use application to the Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) and to give public notice that Villa Academy seeks to make improvements to our soccer field.  
Poor drainage on our field severely limits its use through the school year.   It gets muddy quickly and the surface is easily damaged; we need an all-season solution to make reasonable use of the field.   
Therefore, we are conducting a soil analysis and pursuing the necessary city permits to remedy the problem.  Because the permit process can be lengthy, we're starting now in order to preserve options and to be in a position to take action when we are in a position to fund the improvement. 
I don't expect any impact on the neighborhood, though when we get to the construction phase (at an undetermined time in the future), there will be increased truck activity for a short period of time.     
Villa cares deeply about the neighborhood - we have a shared history and a bright future.  We need to take steps now to bring a higher level of maintenance and improvement to the building and grounds.   
Please know we are not planning to change what we do or who we are.  Our plans are consistent with being a good neighbor and align with our shared interests of preserving the beauty and peacefulness of the neighborhood.

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