Monday, October 12, 2015

Neighbor Reports Strange Man Coming To Door

The Laurelhurst Blog received this email from a neighbor on the 4100 block of 42nd Avenue NE on October 8th:

I just thought I’d share a very strange door-to-door encounter.  
A man, claiming to be with King County, knocked on my door at 11am to “verify what we paid for our house in the past year.”   
He claimed that King County was just going around to verify what houses have sold for in the past year.  He was using an iPad to record information.   
I told him that I was not comfortable confirming that information to a random door-to-door visitor and that that information was filed as a legal document with King County—he should do his verifying there.  He did show me an ID badge that he was wearing around his neck, but I don't recall him saying he was from any particular department.  

When I told him that I was uncomfortable giving my info, he backed away and said he would just look it up on the Internet - so why is he going door to door?   
We saw him then leave in a white car.  
Not sure how legit his purpose was. It was a VERY odd encounter.  I instantly wondered if he was really checking to see if people were home during the day and thought I should pass this information out to our community.

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