Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fuel Siphoned From Truck Off Of Surber Drive

The Laurelhurst Blog received this information:

We live on 42nd Avenue NE, between NE 41st Street and Ne 38th Street, just off of Surber Drive.  We were out of town Oct 7th-18th, and during this time, parked our Ford F-150 on the street in front of our home.   
Somebody siphoned all of the fuel from our truck while we were gone.  The tank was filled full right before it was parked. 

When we returned, it was bone dry. We believe it was targeted due to the large capacity of the fuel tank, holds about 30 gallons. 
Because we live around the corner from NE 38th Street, it's probable that our vehicle was tampered with by the same thief who broke into a resident's car on NE 38th and Surber, which you posted about in the Blog on 10/16.  The other resident's home is just around the corner from ours and their break-in occurred while we were also out of town.   
There was no damage to the vehicle, nor was it broken into.   We have filed a police report.

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