Monday, August 31, 2015

Heavy Wind Results In Many Downed Trees, Branches And More

The Laurelhurst Blog received these pictures of damage from the wind over the week-end. Neighbors reported huge branches fallen at the Laurelhurst Park, large oversize heavy branches falling onto and streets and boats and benches moved around at the Beach Club.
At the Beach Club a neighbor reported seeing chairs, inflatable rafts, buoys and other items being blown down the lake by the heavy wind in the large waves. Sail boats, benches, potted plants and even the raft in the 3s area was blown into the dock.

On 46th Avenue NE in front of the school, a very large heavy branch fell into the street, narrowly missing several cars on either side of the branch. School staff and neighbors reported they were unable to move the large branch out of the road as it was very very heavy. Several hours later the branch was removed and cut into smaller pieces.

And here is another picture of a fallen tree across NE 33rd Street and West Laurelhurst Drive.

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