Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Free Rainwater Workshop Tonight


Rain Garden In Laurelhurst

Seattle Public Utilities is hosting a free Rain Wise Workshop tonight from 7-8pm at Sand Point Community United Methodist Church (4710 NE 70th Street).

Rain Wise, a joint program of Seattle and King Counties, offers rebates for up to 100 percent of a professionally installed rain garden or cistern on private property costing on the average $4,500.

The information says:

Rain gardens are more than just beautiful — they also help reduce one of the largest sources of water pollution by naturally cleaning and controlling stormwater. Cisterns can store runoff from rooftops that can later be used to water outdoor plants and gardens. 
The RainWise Program is part of a larger plan to reduce combined sewer overflows, (CSOs), which occur when stormwater causes sewer lines to overflow into local waterways during heavy rains.  
Reducing CSOs — which contain polluted runoff and sewage— is important for people and fish given potential health risks.

Laurelhurst's first City approved "Rain Garden" was installed in 2012 the 4700 block of 47th Avenue NE.  Steve Appleyard, who owns Seattle Rain Gardens, a qualified contractor with the City, installed the Laurelhurst rain garden, among 60 plus other rebated rain gardens he has completed.  Steve said that if a homeowner can qualify "it is a great way to get a free landscape improvement an help save Lake Washington!" 

Seattle Rain Garden conducts an assessment to see if a property qualifies and if it does, Steve, or any other approved contractor, manages the SPU process from inspection to rebate and will, professionally design and "install a beautiful garden that fully complements your existing landscape at the cost of the rebate. There is no cost to the homeowner and the process takes about a week," Stephen told us.

Go here for more information or call the Garden Hotline at 206-633-0224. And here is more information about the rain garden in Laurelhurst

REGISTER HERE to attend the workshop tonight.

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