Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NE Seattle Police Chief To Discuss NE Police Patrols In Ravenna Tonight


Seattle Police Assistant Police Chief and the Captain for the North Precinct will discuss police patrols and 911 tonight from 7-9pm at the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association held at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center(6535 Ravenna Avenue NE)

The information provided by Alex Pedersen, a neighborhood advocate says:
Concerned about safety in your neighborhood? Want to see more police officers out of their cars and proactively preventing crime? Want to know what happens when you call 9-1-1?
Public safety officials finally started to crack down on the rampant street disorder / open-air drug-dealing in downtown and to see results from a new strategy called L.E.A.D. that sends low-level offenders to social services instead of jail. For a summary from Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat, CLICK HERE.  But what about getting results in our neighborhoods like the U District, Lake City, and other parts of Northeast Seattle?

Questions that might arise at the meeting:

_ MORE OFFICERS: What can we do to support our men and women in uniform AND get more of them? And can we hire more police officers from Seattle who are committed to effective policing? Seattle is making progress on reforms to prevent inappropriate use of force, so now would be a good time to encourage and celebrate our officers. Thank a police officer by CLICKING HERE.

_ BURGLARIES: How are officers preventing home and car burglaries in Laurelhurst, Roosevelt, etc and stopping open air drug dealing on The Ave? (The new Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole addressed burglaries at the Dec 2014 meeting of the Laurelhurst Community Club, but not everyone was satisfied -- especially with long wait times on 9-1-1 and the non-emergency line 625-5011.)

_ COMMUNICATING: Can the Police do a better job informing the public when a suspect is on the loose in our neighborhood and also when the suspect is finally apprehended? This is especially important when schools are in a "lock-down" (Moms and Dads all know about the Key Bank robberies on 35th Ave NE, for example.)

_ NORTHEAST SEATTLE: Should NE Seattle have its own Precinct Station? (The current single station is west of I-5 and west of North Seattle College. A replacement station is being built even further west -- on Highway 99. But our North Precinct is the city's largest.)

_ DEPLOYMENT? What is the status of the $500,000 "deployment" analysis the City Council funded for SPD (see p. 339 of 2014 Adopted Budget)? What is taking so long?

_ PERSONNEL: a new Captain for our North Precinct: Sean.ODonnell@seattle.gov -- and he grew up in NE Seattle!

Community Policing Officers (solving community issues rather than reacting to 911):
- Crime Prevention Coordinator (helps set up a neighborhood block watch) Elizabeth.Scott@seattle.gov.

- City Attorney Liaison to SPD (nuisance properties): 
SPD recently introduced "micro community policing plans". Click here to find what SPD thinks are the biggest concerns in your neighborhood and their plans for solving them.

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