Friday, April 24, 2015

Where Did Blackberry Go Near Yesler Swamp?

Fred, with Friends of Yesler Swamp, sent the Blog Staff email saying: "The neighbors may be curious about the mowing on the corner of 41st and Surber. Here is information about it:

Where Did the Invasive Blackberry Go?

Friends of Yesler Swamp and UW Botanical Gardens asked Lisa Ciecko from the Seattle Parks Department to mow the banks on the corner of NE 41st Street and Surber Avenue. It happens that that land is owned by Seattle Parks.

There is a lot of native plant restoration and ADA trail building in the swamp that the neighbors cannot see due to the invasive Himalayan blackberry on the slopes. So now the blackberry is mowed.

Our restoration biologists did not want any invasive plants reseeding all of our restoration work. You will have to invade Talaris or another site if you have a craving for invasive blackberry fruit this summer

IMG_2456 IMG_2455

We found a shopping cart among the blackberries and filled it with other items hidden on the slopes.


David Zuckerman from the Botanical Gardens also saw rats scurrying into the swamp as the mower approached.

The mower, John, from Seattle Parks was very careful not to damage any native trees or native plantings placed by UW Capstone groups over the years or as recently as last weekend.


We will be meeting next week to discuss how to keep the blackberry under control and what to replant.

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