Monday, March 30, 2015

What Happened To Boulevard Median?

A resident on the Boulevard (43 Avenue NE) sent the Laurelhurst Blog Staff this picture and said:
Looks like a large truck or construction vehicle ran over the north west portion, at the intersection of NE 45th Street and 43rd Avenue NE, of the median taking out a huge chunk of grass and leaving it in a very bad state.  
If anyone knows who this is, please speak up as they need to pay for the repairs - replacing the grass, etc. 
We take great pride in keeping the median looking nice and this is really too bad.

Please contact if you have any information.


Anonymous said...

This happens all the time on this part of the median. I think the only way to avoid it is to restrict the parking on that portion as trucks can't make the turn.

Anonymous said...

I find this post a little odd. what time is this person talking about. Amazon Fresh, FedEx, UPS, Random Contractor. school bus or random car that can not make the turn. This latest was a school bus.

Either way it has to do with the cars parking here and people walking to work at the Hospital. Every time someone does this I fill in the hole and work to clean it up. If we want to fix it we need to add drainage for this grass and add no parking sign.