Thursday, March 19, 2015

Six "Malpruned" Trees To Be Removed On NE 45th Street Parking Strip Near St. Stephens Church

Six trees are scheduled to be removed in front of the home under construction at 4720 NE 45th Street, across the street from St. Stephens Church.

The SDOT notice says "Trees are in poor condition and will be replaced upon project completion."

Ben Roberts, with SDOT Urban Forestry, told the Blog Staff that "the trees have been mal-pruned in the past, resulting in poor form and health issues. They show signs of brown rot and cherry bark tortrix, which is typical in this species in our climate."

Ben added that the contractor requested inspection for removal of 3 of the trees for a new driveway access.

"Upon inspection, the remainder of the trees were agreed to be removed and replaced with a more suitable species. The replacement tree species has not yet been determined, thought the contractor will be guided to select a 'wire friendly' small stature tree in accordance with SDOT UF and city of Seattle planting standards," Ben said.

Six trees will be installed upon project completion.

The owner, Thomas Hall, who was responsible for maintaining the trees in front of the original 2000 square foot home he bought in 1990, hadn't lived there for quite some time.

Several months ago the yellow home was demolished and a very large tall new home is currently under construction. A second home on the same original lot has just begun to be built.

Each home will roughly 5000 square feet.  The new home on the northern lot will have access off of 48th Avenue NE, and the home on the southern lot will have access off of NE 45th Street. 

Branin, a DPD Land Use Planner, said that the home on the southern lot would be classified as a reverse corner lot, which means that if they take their front yard off of 48th Avenue NE, then they would have a 10-foot side yard requirement along NE 45th Street and if they took their front yard off of NE 45th Street then a 10-foot side yard would be required off of 48th Avenue NE.   

For more information about the lot and the construction plans go here.

 original home at 4720 NE 45th Street
before demolition for 2 new homes

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